An Electric Mountain Bicycle And How To Have Even More Fun Mountain Biking

Purists reckon they are for cheaters, but an electrical mountain bicycle can easily turn a bike trip around and make it far more exciting and enduring. Speed, torque and higher energy levels that you enjoy yourself can’t be a bad thing, right?

For me personally, I love the feeling that you get taking a bicycle down a hill in speed; the hard slog to get up on the opposite side is a struggle (great - I enjoy challenges!) But it may wear a little as the hours move on.

Now, suppose you needed a powerful battery to encourage you, you can keep going even longer, faster and with more power to enjoy the scenery and excitement around you. And turning the power off is just a button away, if you prefer. You have the choice.

. They are more practical, cheaper and much more energy efficient.

Just like a car, getting an electrical bicycle wet isn’t a problem - however like in a car, as soon as you’re up to your axles in water it is a terrible idea to continue. There are a few steps you can take to prevent water damage.

An electric mountain bicycle has four chief components which have to be protected; the engine, the battery, the control as well as the connecting leads. should all be waterproofed differently, either from the mill that made it, or by DIY means.

If you wrap some of the components in vinyl (silicon or electric tape works well) to conserve the components without obstructing the moving components or stopping you from getting in the parts if you need to test it over. The watertight coating will keep everyday damp out.