Lawsuit Procedure - At-A-Glance

Here are the 5 simple actions to winning suits! It does not matter what the circumstance is all about … the winning steps are always the same.

The 5 easy steps are:

The Complaint when the plaintiff decides what he wants the court to do for him,

The Flurry of Motions Once the defendant uses one or more of 3 Distinct moves that may result in his not being required to answer the complaint,

The Answer Once the defendant finally replies to the criticism with affirmative defenses (if he is ineffective with his flurry of motions),

The Discovery process, when both parties use one or more of 5 powerful discovery tools to Receive admissible evidence into the record, and

People who see this simplicity are no more fighting blind against crooked lawyers who will use every procedural trick in the book to spin the law in their own favor. As soon as you see how the suit game is played, you’ll know how to stop the corruption! If you don’t understand how lawsuits are won, then you can’t possibly win! Before lawsuit procedure was a closely-guarded secret. It may surprise you to learn most lawyers don’t have any idea what is necessary to draft successful pleadings, compel the other hand to make proof, or get effective orders from the court.

And, clearly, the public is purposely kept in the dark so lawyers can make more money, using their private knowledge to fleece the public. Destroy crooked lawyers and win in spite of corrupt judges. Garo Kassabian to obey their own rules and set a stop to the typical crooked games lawyers play to hide evidence and spin the law!