Succeesful Real Estate Lead Generation Is In The Doing

In saying the obvious, so as to receive property leads you have to take part in real estate lead generation. In fact you must do lots of it. You can’t do it now, a few hours following week or even month. It has to be carried out daily.

Yes you can find some leads if you are inconsistent. But for a true real estate professional, living a successful career as a top earning agent, you have to do real estate lead generation each and every day; for the remainder of your career. This is non negotiable. OK?

In reality you have to subscribe to this belief that dealing with company never takes preference over locating business. Doing direct generation regular must come first before anything else has done. If you don’t adopt this mantra you’ll allow other things to impact your daily life and this activity will become insignificant and most likely won’t get done. If you’re casual about it, then you’ll suffer casualties in your business.

The Challenge

The greatest challenge most brokers face isn’t doing some lead creation but doing it frequently. It’s the one stumbling block which knocks most agents from this ball park. It is the crucial daily activity the successful brokers adopt and those exiting the industry failed not to do.

Time Blocking

You will need to devote time to doing this daily activity. It is like creating an appointment with yourself; one that can’t be broken. You will face many temptations, typically coming from the unsuccessful agents in your workplace. Offers to truly have a long lunch or slide out for coffee are good but if they impede into your committed time of creating property leads, then you have to say “no”.

Time blocking is not easy. It requires some discipline. However, before you get hung up about the term discipline, allow me to clarify that what I mean is performing a job consistently. To me that’s discipline. Nobody is fully disciplined. They possibly in some areas of their own life but in others it might just be chaotic. Being disciplined to me is being constant.

Family for a whole lot of people comes first.
And so therefore once you start your year, take out your calendar or diary and time block out of your holidays for your year. By doing this you prove to yourself and family they’re a priority. This includes not just the long trips away but schedule in a few mid week breaks or long four day weekends. These short breaks enable you to recharge and keep you going through the daily grind of real estate lead generation.

Second Real Estate Leads need to allocate every day to actually generating prospects. I’d suggest doing so in either a journal and on a wall or desk calendar. It depends on your discipline to a degree, but one thing that I hear from real estate agents who targets carrying out their everyday activities is that they fail to open their journal. A wall calendar is visual and what the eye sees, the brain is going to do.