Who Invented McDonald'S?

While most are the loyal customers of this McDonald’s, maybe not all of them are aware of who devised McDonald’s. The concept of this fast food restaurant was developed by Mac and Dick Macdonald in 1940 when they changed their hot dog stand from Monrovia Airport to the 14th and E Street at United States Route 66, San Bernadino, California. During that time, they understood that their hamburgers were selling like hot cakes. Eight years later, they finally changed their business by using the Speedee Service System. The machine was to create a lineup of production on hamburgers made before they were ordered. The idea then conquered the industry and was completely compared to normal restaurants.

They created history by cutting out nearly half of their competitors. The rapid development of their business resulted in them reducing more costs and consequently has been the key towards McDonald’s success. In 1953, Mac and Dick Macdonald chose to make their quick food restaurant into the franchise strategy. They met with Neil Fox and opened their first franchise restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.

Later on, in 1955, an entrepreneur named Ray Kroc made an arrangement with the two men who devised McDonald’s to start the McDonald’s Systems Incorporation. His entrance into the company made a great impact to the development of both McDonald’s. He offered the ninth franchise restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois and further improved the sales until 1958 the company attained the 100 millionth hamburger sold. In 1959, it was reported that over 100 franchises have been opened.

To extend the business of the fast food restaurant, Kroc then started their very first billboard advertisement in 1959. Graham MacDonald renamed the organization into McDonald’s Corporation in 1960 and bought up the Macdonald brothers in 1961. The discussions were not done well and Kroc and the Macdonald brothers went separate ways. This news seemed to be unbelievably awful in United States and the Macdonald’s family wrote about their bargain with Kroc and encouraged their side of the narrative.

In 1961, McDonald’s Corporation launched a Hamburger University to pioneer the practice of franchise owners. This was to keep the franchisees’ loyalties because of this highly competitive sector. The company continued with their business expansion and attained its 100 billionth hamburger sold in 1963. The company’s 500th franchise was opened in Toledo, Ohio.